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Inspire for Solutions Development

Inspire for Solutions Development is an IT consulting company providing IT solutions throughout the Middle East, with a discerning experience in helping organizations to quickly leverage IT solutions and to enhance the workflow of their businesses. Our company has been present on IT services market since 2014. We have a team of 120+ devoted IT specialists specializing in a wide range of technologies. We deliver projects for enterprises in different countries in the Middle East, focusing on clients based in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

60% of Banks in Jordan are Doing Business With Us

We work both in Agile and Waterfall environment. Our teams always work in close cooperation with clients no matter whether we work on-site or off-site.

We have DevOps processes in place enabling our work for clients to be both efficient and with quality. We can apply our own processes, or implement client-specific ones.

Middle East

Our Offices

Main office: Abu Al-Haj Commercial Complex, Queen Rania St., 148-102,
Amman - Jordan

Egypt Branch: Eskan El-Hadayk - El-Sheikh Zayed, 1-1, 6th October - Egypt

Iraq Branch: Al Rabaei St., Baghdad Buliding, 2nd floor, Baghdad - Iraq

Please note these are our only official locations!

Our IT Solutions

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Use your strategy, data, and effective communications to integrate Total Quality Management into the culture and activities of your company.

Integration & Middleware Solutions

We provide the following services: J2EE Application Infrastructure, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Multi Platform Application Integration through Messaging.

Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (EPPM)

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management brings together all project members, data points, and tasks to deliver a combined view of project, and portfolio progress.

Enterprise Portal & Mobile Experience

We create highly personalized, visually attractive, easy-to-use Enterprise Portals, based on Liferay Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and WebSphere Portal.

Enterprise App Development (Low Code/ No Code)

We fuse the power of Appian for Low Code/ No Code development, with our own strategy and delivery expertise, to streamline your enterprise transformation.

IT Consultation

We offer IT consulations related to latest technology consulting, IT implementation planning and strategies, Data Migration & Cloud Migration Consulting, Data and IT infrastructure security consulting.

Total Quality Management


Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Seamlessly integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools


Quality Assurance (QA)

Optimize the reliability and performance of your business-related systems and platforms


Agile Software Development

We deliver valuable software for your enterprise needs quickly and continuously



Implement a well-designed DevOps program, to streamline your software development processes