Success with Portal Governance

So, your business needs enterprise portal implementation. You have figured out your due diligence, created your business use cases, calculated your ROI, and finished the process of vendor/product assessment and other procedures. The important question for this stage is what's next: how can you guarantee you bring a product that meets your technology, business and end user needs? How can you be sure that the portal aligns with your company goals?

The bringing of new portal technologies can be unsuccessful for many reasons:

  • No clear vision or business plan defined;
  • No proper governance model, or have one on paper only;
  • No clarified process of communication between departments;
  • No way to connect technology with existing business needs;
  • No person in charge of making the final decision;
  • Wrong usage of technology or poor IT architecture;
  • Infrastructure doesn't served correctly;
  • No steps in the common working process to prioritize them and create a certain workflow;
  • Management underestimate the cost and complexity of portal implementations.

During past years, Inspire for Solutions Development has been implementing Enterprise Portals using various solutions. The amount of work and scale of the projects were different, but the main outlines of the projects were very similar: our clients wanted to improve the way of working, and to engage company employees in a more productive way. And we can say that a common feature among the successful Portal integration is portal governance.

Portal governance is about the company standards and practices: common policies and processes that help to define minor defects, fix and embrace the productivity of enterprise portals. It outlines how your portal will be customized and managed in your company. The governance strategy stays close with your business goals and objectives, so that your portal can evolve and grow while your business is growing, and continuously bring business value.

Inspire for Solutions Development prepares portal governance strategies that thoroughly describe how procedures, points of control and employees should be placed in your portal environment, to bring tangible advantages for your business, clients and employees.

Many companies underestimate the effort they have to put to make their enterprise portal work successfully. A portal has to be customized to the business and connect people, process, technology and policy. A well-structured portal governance works well for the business and processes transformation, portal technology stays put with corporate objectives, methods of measuring employees performance and managing people and accountabilities. Governance needs the preparation to define the repeating processes, objectives and roles, as they are working now and will be used in the future.

Have you got a new portal technology for your company? Have you completed a portal governance model? What were the troubles that you faced with during the implementation process? Are you thinking of Portal specialists' help?