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BCI Middle East Conference in Qatar

After signing the partnership agreement with Sungard AS, Inspire for Solutions Development became Sungard AS authorised representative in the Middle East. Combining the working skills and professional efforts, both companies participated in the BCI Middle East Conference 2015 together.

Time Management for Project Managers

Time management skills are very essential for a hectic work of a project manager. The coolest project managers always control themselves if they are positively busy for most of their working period and know how to eliminate time-waster activities. Inspire for Solutions Development is sharing the advice for project managers that our employees are using on daily basis.

Content Management Side of Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal has a powerful and customizable CMS to make drastic changes to the way you work and manage your business. Liferay is a great choice of many IT industry specialists, its CMS is great for conducting and editing website content. Of course, Liferay Portal can't be framed as CMS only, but many companies value and use Liferay Portal mainly for web content management.

Portal Governance for Your Business

So, your business needs enterprise portal implementation. You have figured out your due diligence, created your business use cases, calculated your ROI, and finished the process of vendor/product assessment and other procedures. The important question for this stage is what's next: how can you guarantee you bring a product that meets your technology, business and end user needs? How can you be sure that the portal aligns with your company goals?

Enterprise Portal for Your Business

During past years, Inspire for Solutions Development has been working under different implementations of Enterprise Portals using various solutions. The amount of work and scale of the projects were different, but the main outlines of the projects were very similar: our clients wanted to improve the way of working, and to engage company employees in a more productive way.

Agile Development Advantages for Your Business

The term "agility" has been unbearably used in various business talks as a crystal solution for companies, team members and individuals. Yet I often meet people don't understand clearly what it means and how it works. As the widest explanation, agility is equal to meaning "to be flexible enough and change": make changes in competitive business fields and with an influence of customer needs, and also embrace changes in workplace training style and results delivery.

EPR Advantages for Your Business

Make plans is important for any company so it helps businesses to reach the maximum of productivity. When you have a compact business, you can manage with paper files and one accountant. But as soon as your company is growing, you need to adopt something much more effective, as Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Liferay & IBM Websphere

In Inspire for Solutions Development we offer both of these technologies, and our prospects often ask us to explain the difference and help them to choose the right enterprise portal. Read more about the specifics of two horizontal portals we offer, and choose the right one for your enterprise.

Portal Solutions for Employees

Effective portal solution is the key to increasing personal funds productivity. Enterprise portals let your employees to be more centered, reach desirable goals and objectives, collaborate better. When the portal is customized right, it improves employee satisfaction, so that in long-term perspective it drives your profits and revenue.

Know more about Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total Quality Management is a strategic method that helps enriching the quality of performance in enterprises. TQM is a all-embracing system that can be implemented for any organization. It engages all company departments and employees and expands horizontally, to involve suppliers and company clients as well.

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