Accept Enterprise Portal or You Can't Compete Anymore

During past years, Inspire for Solutions Development has been working under different implementations of Enterprise Portals using various solutions. The amount of work and scale of the projects were different, but the main outlines of the projects were very similar: our clients wanted to improve the way of working, and to engage company employees in a more productive way.

Let's say, you'd like to have a travel request, track the status of your paper, co-work in real time, or just update the website content. Usually, you'd have to ask from several departments together, make a conclusion on how to improve and distribute resources to complete each task. It will take time to have face-to-face meeting, to work about the same document, or ask the permission to assign an employee for the certain task. That's why you need the Enterprise Portal.

The merging of information, process and modern technology

Enterprise Portal isn't just a cute word replacement for intranet. It connects together everything you need for your stable business work. Different applications, documents, business opportunities and services based in one common platform. Enterprise Portal is the internal, interactive platform for all employees, that can be customized accordingly to their company roles and other business requirements. It is a proper structure for information exchange and management, collaboration, content and workflow arrangement. All these features are available for a user in one single point of access.

Enhancing the Employees Portal internal space is possible with customization of the B2B portal. The Portal space for your employees and other users brings a unique online experience, based around your company brand.

More effective, collaborative and beneficial ROI

The primary goal is to make your company more competitive, isn't it? Businesses are turning to Enterprise Portals to have a solid competitive advantage. The access to managed information, any time and in any place, based on unified platform - brings more benefits for an agile business, pushing new ideas and approved decisions faster, via the improved operations' process and company-wide knowledge sharing.

At Inspire for Solutions Development, we are dealing with organizations to implement Portal solutions. that allow their business to have advantage of modern, useful IT technologies, and get a tangible competitive advantage. Engaged employees will bring more to your company, when they have the proper tools to do their job efficiently. In today's digital dimension, employee collaboration expectations continue to increase, so customizing Enterprise Portals, to use collaboration and content management solutions is more critical than ever before.

Which solutions do you use instead of Enterprise Portal? Is it effective enough?