Content Management Side of Liferay Portal

With Content Management Systems (CMS) non-developers can place content to the website without having knowledge of programming, no codes and scripts needed. CMS makes your life easier and removes the work of a programmer or HTML designer every time you want to just to add or edit on your website. As a result, we all have an increased work productivity.

Liferay Portal has a powerful and customizable CMS to make drastic changes to the way you work and manage your business. Liferay is a great choice of many IT industry specialists, its CMS is great for conducting and editing website content. Of course, Liferay Portal can't be framed as CMS only, but many companies value and use Liferay Portal mainly for web content management. It comes with many useful features, to accomplish your content management tasks easy, and it is great for personal and enterprise website solutions.

Liferay gets more popular, and the main reason is that it brings the simplicity to the daily tasks and user experience, and can be modified according to your business needs. If your business needs a CMS solution, Liferay is surely worthy of taking into account.

Web Publishing

Lets everyone to manage fully functional websites of any size. Non-developers can write, remove and edit content with a simple interface editor.

One-Place Documents & Media

Has a unified document storage that keeps documents, video, images altogether. It can be used for all company departments, shared in a specific group or personally. Liferay repositories enable groups to keep assets, mark them with tags, close access to them, search for and use them in web pages, or download them for offline usage.

Immediate Page Editing and Time Choosing

Pages from a website can be modified and viewed before, without changes on the public site for visitors. Also you can pick the time for future publishing, Liferay Portal online editor is obviously helpful and user-friendly.

In-build Collaboration Tools

Wikis, message boards, announcements, company and personal blogs, activity flow, instant message chat, combined tasks in the calendar, and wide range of alerts, tags and levels.

Expanded Workflow and Approval Processes

Lets users tο build thе workflows needed аnd add thе paths for approval based on certain business requirements аnd amount of people involved in the decision-making.


Easily tuned platform to fit your company preferences, user requirements and business purposes.

Multi-Language Version

Supports international localization and already has out-of-the-box support for 30+ languages. Users can switch between various language settings with one click only.

Fast Webpage Creation

Web architecture for Liferay allows to save main web layouts for future web pages. Liferay users can build pages or websites with sets of predefined modules or pages, and at the same moment start adding the content without any programmer support.

Portal SEO Functionality

With its ability to create various types of pages, your website becomes a practical and attractive source of information. Liferay also automatically updates the sitemap information and allows new pages be constantly searchable by the main search engines.

As we have wrote this article in 2014, a lot of significant changes happen with Liferay Portal - nowadays it has a much wider functionality and the name has changed to Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Get more information about Liferay DXP, to know how it fits your business objectives.