Explain It Easy: Total Quality Management (TQM) blog

Total Quality Management is a strategic method that helps enriching the quality of performance in enterprises. TQM is a all-embracing system that can be implemented for any organization. It engages all company departments and employees and expands horizontally, to involve suppliers and company clients as well.

Total Quality Management is one of many abbreviations that are used to define management systems and quality-focused protocols. Similar acronyms are CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement), QFD (Quality function Deployment), QIDW (Quality in Daily Work), and TQC (Total Quality Control).

Despite the broadness of the general term TQM, it's very important to understand the basics, and know what it really means. We may say Total Quality Management is a framework that brings to action certain quality and initiatives. As a result, it improves the competitiveness and company revenue.

TQM Benefits

Cost Reduction

During the implementation process, and all the way of TQM usage, it lowers costs throughout the company. The most impressive results are in repetitive actions, document management and customer services. This reduction in cost goes directly through to company profits, so that you can always increase your profitablitity by implementing TQM in your enterprise in the Middle East.

Customer Satisfaction Enhancement

While adopting TQM, companies have better quality of products and services, so that their relations with the customers become smoother and easier. TQM definitely leads to customer complaints' reduction. Less clients complains = less employees involved in customer service. Rising quality of customer satisfaction brings market share increase as well, and it is another impressive benefit of TQM implementation.

Reduction Identification

Total Quality Management has a solid influence in enhancing quality into a process. It reduces time for identifying and eliminating the errors in production and services delivery, and also lets to employ less Quality Assurance specialists.

Morale Boosting

The asserted and continuous success of TQM is the involvement and collaboration of the employees themselves, so that it gives a valuable influence to employees' morale in the company.

Employees Turnover Reduction

TQM management framework helps in employees turnover reduction, so that you will avoid losses of hiring and training new people.

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