cloud pak for integration

Inspire for Solutions Development, an IBM Platinum Business Partner, under the support of IBM, recently held a workshop for banking and governmental sectors in Egypt: "Digital Transformation in The Era of Enterprise Automation: IBM Cloud Paks”, which took place on the 24th of May 2022, at the Intercontinental Semiramis Hotel, in Cairo, Egypt.

IBM Cloud Paks include multiple services that can accomplish common enterprise tasks without the need to build or modernize existing applications.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is a leading solution to bring in both speed and quality while being a critical enabler for your innovation in the banking and telecom sectors by leveraging modern practices and capabilities, including APIs, Cloud-native design, DevOps, Event-driven architecture, and Container-based Infrastructure. With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration adoption in your company in Egypt, balanced workloads will optimize resiliency and scalability, as well as AI-powered automation across the integration lifecycle.

During the workshop, IT departments from the major banks could understand the benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, such as capabilities to design and run applications on any cloud platform and effectively analyze workflows, reducing repetitive work and improving operational efficiencies, as well as IBM Cloud Pak for Data which is the gateway to business analytics and AI, many businesses struggle to manage and maintain vast amounts of complex data spread across different data sources, so IBM CP4D is a great solution for banks.

Ayman Elabed, CTO of Inspire for Solutions Development, said:

“A hybrid integration solution, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across various enterprise integration models, speed integration development by 300%, while effectivity cutting costs by more than 33% and maintain enhanced security, governance, and availability.”

Omar Al-Kalaldah, Head of Technical Support & Integration, Inspire for Solutions Development, said:

“Integration has become an obstacle to success, by using, an Agile integration approach and IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, you will be able to support the scale, security, and flexibility needed to enable your digital transformation.”


Inspire for Solutions Development is an IT consulting firm with discerning experience in helping businesses quickly leverage IT solutions to enhance the workflow of their businesses. Founded in 2010, with the main office in Jordan and other branches across Egypt, KSA, UAE and Qatar. Inspire for Solutions Development grew rapidly, offering IT solutions for enterprises, according to the clients' specific requirements in spite of the complexity of their IT projects.

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