Digital Transformation requires the modernization of the IT Integration

Inspire for Solutions Development, an IT company with branches in Jordan, Egypt and KSA, an IBM Platinum Business Partner, under the support of IBM and their IBM Value Authorized Distributor, NewTek Solutions, organized an IT event: “IBM Watson Day", that was taking place on the 9th of December, 2019, at Fairmont Hotel Amman - Jordan.

“Watson helps you to reveal the value of your data in a deep, thoughtful way. With the insights IBM Watson can give to any organization, you can forecast your future business outcomes more precisely, and adjust your daily workflows and work practices meaningfully”
– said Sandip Roy, IBM Data Science and AI Executive for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

Ashraf Khan, IBM Analytics Tools Technical Sales Leader for the MENA region, with Sandip Roy, presented a session: “IBM Watson AI”, during which they talked about how organizations are modernizing their data architecture, embracing different rungs of the AI Ladder, to collect, organize, and analyze data, and ultimately infuse it with AI. The session included the use cases of Watson AI, how enterprises can infuse AI into their processes to make more accurate predictions, automate decisions and processes, and optimize employees’ time, - following by the demo of IBM Watson Assistant and IBM Watson Discovery.

Kamal Haddad, CEO of Inspire for Solutions Development, said:

“We believe that the most of the enterprises in the Middle East can immensely benefit from bringing IBM Watson products, increasing their productivity and placing their customer experience to a totally new level”


Inspire for Solutions Development is an IT consulting firm with discerning experience in helping businesses quickly leverage IT solutions to enhance the workflow of their businesses. Founded in 2010, with the main office in Jordan, Inspire for Solutions Development grows rapidly, offering IT solutions for enterprise, according to the clients' specific requirements in spite of the complexity of their IT project.

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