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In Inspire for Solutions Development we offer Liferay Portal and IBM Websphere, and our prospects often ask us to explain the difference and help them to choose the right enterprise portal.

Liferay is a very successful Open Source portal server and an admitted leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Platforms. Many companies are using Liferay to create solid and stable business solutions that bring long-term value and tangible results. The company is showing a fast growth during past few years. Liferay Portal is an all included enterprise portal with wide product capabilities that has a user-friendly interface.

About Liferay Portal

Liferay has shown its performance worldwide, with many companies in various industries and business segments. It can be implemented for nearly every industry, including government, education, finances and banking, informational technologies, pharmaceuticals, tourism, entertainment and others. It is mainly used for corporate websites, but is highly adaptable and easy to customize with various out-of-the-box features. Solid businesses throughout the world pick Liferay Portal for a wide set of business features beyond the traditional system we usually name as portal.

Liferay Portal combines and complements:

  • Internal portals;
  • Extranet (user) webportals as CMS base;
  • Content and Document Management for internal usage;
  • Web editing and shared workspaces for certain roles in the company and outside;
  • Enterprise center for collaboration;
  • Social networking where everybody can participate;
  • Enterprise portals and identified roles for management and logged users.

IBM WebSphere – Who's using it?

Gartner Research Agency also placed IBM WebSphere as a leader in Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Platforms according to its adaptiveness, flexibility and earned position among B2C and B2B companies. IBM WebSphere brings enterprise web portals that are suitable for companies of all sizes. Portal users get a single entry of access to the applications, services, content and social contacts they need.

100,000 customers worldwide are already using IBM WebSphere to grow and maintain their infrastructure solutions. Same as Liferay, IBM WebSphere can be used in any business field. Most of IBM WebSphere solutions are implemented in B2C (almost 75% of all deployments).

Most usual uses of IBM WebSphere include:

  • Website platform;
  • Document management & content hub;
  • Enterprise employee and client portals;
  • Mutual document creation and exchange;
  • Shared workspaces;

There's an impressive variety of portal technologies on the market, many good ones to enlighten your internal portal. Choosing the enterprise portal for your business can be hard, so Inspire for Solutions Development specialists can help your company in Jordan, Egypt, UAE, KSA.

Looking to have an intranet portal, but daunted where to start? What portal infrastructure are you having for your business? Does your portal technology satisfies all IT demands for today's digital work?

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