Move to The Cloud

Industry experts believe companies that haven’t moved to the Cloud are already losing, daily. As an Atlassian partner in Jordan, Egypt and KSA, Inspire for Solutions Development is ready to help your organization migrate seamlessly.

Contemporarily working in a cloud environment, benefits your organizations in many ways, as opposed to the old traditional server setup. Migrating to the cloud with the help of a solutions partner will provide users with the ability to customize the migration process, depending on their unique needs and requirements, as well as easier management, increased productivity and reduced overall costs.

Users, who migrated to the cloud, experience multiple advantages such as improved productivity, scalability, the ability to stay updated with any new features, and ease of management. On the other hand, cloud-based storage can be a cost-effective option omitting the overhead, hardware, and facility costs to run a server summing everything up into a single monthly expense under a single umbrella.

Atlassian Cloud will operate and maintain all system updates, automatically making life easier for users, as well as increasing the workplace productivity by giving system administrators more time to focus on other jobs instead of managing the server day-to-day.

As an Atlassian Business Partner, Inspire for Solution Development will provide you with the most appropriate plan to migrate your business to the cloud without disrupting the usual business process. Check what services our Atlassian certified professionals can offer to you. We have you covered from training and licensing, to migrating your Atlassian volume of work onto a public Cloud.