portal solutions

Effective portal solution is the key to increasing personal funds productivity. Enterprise portals let your employees to be more centered, reach desirable goals and objectives, collaborate better. When the portal is customized right, it improves employee satisfaction, so that in long-term perspective it drives your profits and revenue.

Enterprise portals provide you with a base for common environment and documents sharing. It gives an easy access to the information and resources whenever your employees need it. Working anytime, with all information saved and located in one place, employees will bring better performance to your company. Bring the consciousness to your employees by placing a useful IT digital experience platform in your company.

During these years, Inspire for Solutions Development has been involved for the implementation of a number of horizontal Portals using Liferay Portal Technology. The amount and difficulty of the projects were different, but a common goal was to eliminate the obstacles of their recent technology, and engage employees better.

Our IT specialists in in KSA, Jordan, Egypt and UAE know how to integrate enterprise portal with your existing website, make it fully flexible and adaptable to align with your working processes and business strategy. The Portal can be a great strategic asset and well-working base for your business. From ideas and requirements' gathering to integration and technical training of your employees, Inspire for Solutions Development is your solid partner, when it refers to your employee portal as a core of your company.