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Inspire for Solutions Development, an IT company with branches in Jordan, Egypt, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, and UAE, and an IBM Platinum Business Partner, under the support of IBM organized an IT event: “Secure Digital Transformation with IBM Automation", taking place on the 29th of May, 2023, at Fairmont Hotel Cairo - Egypt.

Inspire for Solution Development's experts provided a thorough introduction to IBM Automation, and how proactive IT systems, effective processes, and increased productivity can all be achieved through utilizing a high impact automation solution like IBM Automation. Additionally, they highlighted the importance of IBM Automation in profit and ROI boosts, resources & complexity management, and performance optimization .

IBM Automation, a platform built for any hybrid cloud containing a modular package of integrated software components that automates tasks and boosts corporate expansion. Intended to automate, facilitate business expansion, examine workflows, develop low-code AI-powered applications, and enhance overall competitiveness, efficiency, and operational cost savings.

Additionally, some of the present esteemed clients shared all about their terrific experience with Inspire for Solutions Development and IBM 's Automation Solution.

Ali AliKhan, IBM BPM Director at Inspire for Solutions Development , said:

“IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) offers a robust set of capabilities that enable businesses to automate, optimize, and manage their processes effectively. By leveraging this platform, organizations can achieve greater operational efficiency, improved customer experiences, and a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.”


Inspire for Solutions Development is an IT consulting firm with discerning experience in helping businesses quickly leverage IT solutions to enhance the workflow of their businesses. Founded in 2014, with the main office in Jordan and other branches across Egypt, KSA, UAE, and Qatar. Inspire for Solutions Development grew rapidly, offering IT solutions for enterprises, according to the clients' specific requirements in spite of the complexity of their IT projects.

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