Top 5 Reasons to Move to The Cloud

The key reasons to move to the Cloud are security, sustainability, agility, and cost-effectiveness of it. If previously it was a discussion, nowadays industry experts believe companies that haven’t moved to the Cloud are already losing, daily.

As an Atlassian partner in Jordan, Egypt and KSA, Inspire for Solutions Development has prepared you a list of the reasons why you have to move to the Cloud:

Scale Faster and More Affordably

When your business rapidly grows, you have to scale fast, and the most secure way possible. If you are willing to grow your business without some major tech obstacles along the way, Cloud technology helps you to scale faster, easier, and more affordable than on-prem servers. It brings a flexible, responsive technology stack, accessible anywhere - no lengthy, expensive, manual upgrades required.

Increase Profits and Lower Costs

Systems downtime can cost 3 times as much as a year-long Cloud subscription in a matter of minutes or hours. IT time and resources can be cut in 50% by a move off-prem. While thinking of a long-term value, on-premise option starts to look less like a stable and conservative choice and more like a consistent drain on your profits.

Improve Speed and Performance

Company leaders are choosing Cloud to improve the speed of IT service delivery. Excellent network performance, uptime guarantees, automatic performance updates, rapid product development and deployment, automatic scaling and load-balancing, and standardization are the core features of Cloud that make your business work faster.

Increase Team Productivity

There are many ways to improve your company’s productivity. Fill the vacancies, improve engagement, minimize not needed meetings, promote or even redesign your office space to boost productive hours. And you can also move to the Cloud. According to the research made by Office 365, almost 80% of IT professionals admit that moving to the Cloud has improved their work productivity.

Future-Proof Against Competitive Forces

10 years ago, moving to the Cloud was about staying ahead of the curve. Now, it’s about keeping up with your regular work, and providing customers and employees with online services they expect. More than 74% of companies say that Cloud gives them a competitive advantage, and by the end of 2021, 85% of worldwide enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud.