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IBM Cloud Pak

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a fully integrated data and AI platform that enables organizations to accelerate AI-powered transformation by unleashing productivity and reducing complexity. Learn more what we can offer as an IBM Platinum Partner in Egypt.

Cloud-native by design, IBM Cloud Pak for Data is built on and takes advantage of the underlying resource and infrastructure optimization and management in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

The solution can be deployed on any cloud and fully supports multicloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and private cloud deployments. Its key integrated features span the entire analytics lifecycle, from data management and DataOps to business analytics and AI.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM Platinum Partner in Egypt

Inspire for Solutions Development, IBM Platinum Partner, offers you to start your journey towards AI infusion throughout your business within a collaborative platform experience. With data fabric architecture, you can collect, organize and analyze data, as well as predict outcomes faster.

Connect The Right Data to The Right People at The Right Time

Access Data Quicker


Faster access to distributed data at lower costs across Cloud & on-premises

Boost Productivity


Reduced ETL requests allow data engineers to concentrate on higher value data work

Get Digital Knowledge


Banks that think the main barriers to digital growth are data management+security

IBM Data Integration Tools Leader in Gartner 2022

According to Gartner, IBM has been named as a leader in the “Data Integration Tools” area with strengths and competencies in supporting a high end data fabric design, operational and analytical use-case support as well as modular architecture and DataOps enablement.

Gartner defines data integration as the discipline comprising the architectural patterns, methodologies and tools that allow organizations to achieve consistent access and delivery of data across a wide spectrum of data sources and data types to meet the data consumption requirements of business applications and end users.

Data Integration Tools Quadrant

Data & AI Platform CP4D with RedHat Openshift

Cloud Pak for Data is composed of integrated micro services that include Data governance, Data sources, Developer tools and industry solutions which all may run on a multi-node RedHat Open Shift cluster with the option to add more services from the service catalog provided.

Users can spend less time finding data and more time using it effectively. This means that your IT department doesn't need to deploy multiple applications on disparate systems and then try to figure out how to get them to connect.

IBM Cloud Pak RedHat Openshift

By 2024


financial organizations

will use machine-learning-enabled data quality technologyto reduce manual tasks for data quality improvement

Through 2025


ALL organizations

will adopt modern data quality solutions to better support their digital business initiatives

Simplify, Unify & Automate

Scale the value of ALL your data and accelerate your journey to AI with greater trust and productivity.

Inspire for Solutions Development is an IBM Partner and trusted reseller in Egypt and Jordan, providing IT services for medium and enterprise organizations. We are ready to help you to solve complex business problems with a hybrid-cloud Data and AI platform that runs anywhere.

IBM Cloud Pak Benefits

IBM Cloud Pak key value capabilities and why they matter

Cloud Security

Unified Data across Hybrid Clouds

Connect to your data, govern it, find it, and use it

Data system

Distributed data processing system

Process data without the need to migrate to a central repository.

Enterprise PPM

Simplify and Automate access to data

A data fabric connecting siloed data distributed across the hybird cloud

IBM Cloud Pak

Cloud Pak for Data is an analytics platform that helps prepare data for artificial intelligence (AI). It enables data engineers, data stewards, data scientists, and business analysts to collaborate using an integrated multicloud platform.

Let's discuss how IBM Platinum Business Partner in Egypt can help you on your way to digital transformation and Hybrid Cloud.

IBM Db2 - Data Management Software

IBM Db2 is a family of data management products, featuring AI-powered capabilities to help you modernize the management of both structured and unstructured data across on-premises and multicloud environments.

Db2 family is available on the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform, either as an add-on or an included data source service, making virtually all of your data available across hybrid or multicloud environments to fuel your AI applications.

An enterprise-ready relational database management system designed to deliver resiliency, performance and cost-effectiveness for your transactional workloads.

IBM Cloud Pak Db2

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