IMB QRadar

IBM QRadar includes an enterprise security information and event management (SIEM) product. It collects log data from an enterprise, its network devices, host assets and operating systems, applications, vulnerabilities, and user activities and behaviors. We offer IBM QRadar in Amman, Riyadh, Cairo, within the portfolio of security services, as an IBM Platinum Business Partner in the Middle East.

IBM QRadar then performs real-time analysis of the log data and network flows to identify malicious activity so it can be stopped quickly, preventing or minimizing damage to the organization.

Pillars of Effective Threat Management


Gain comprehensive visibility into enterprise-wide data across all your enterprise network, endpoint, cloud, user and applications.


Track threats as they progress, prioritize critical events and investigate potential incidents using global threat intelligence.


Automated alert investigation bringing more consistent and accurate responses using Artificial Intelligence.


Outsmart threats by using dynamic playbooks, automation and orchestration, and use a privacy breach reporting.

IBM QRadar Benefits

Complete Visibility

Get a centralized insight into logs, flow and events throughout on-premises, SaaS and IaaS environments.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Oversee all events related to a particular threat in one place to get rid of manual tracking processes and allow analysts to focus on investigation and response.

Timely Threat Detection

Use out-of-the-box analytics that automatically analyze logs and network flows to define threats and reveal prioritized alerts as attacks escalate through the kill chain.

Easily Comply

Manage compliance with internal organizational policies and external regulations by using pre-built reports and templates.

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022

Gartner named IBM a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for the year 2022. In the report, Gartner has placed IBM furthest to the right for "Completeness of Vision".

    The 2022 Gartner MQ for SIEM had a strong focus on:

  • SOAR, Automation, Incident Response;
  • Endpoint Analytics;
  • UBA;
  • Cloud;
  • Use of Threat Intelligence.

IMB QRadar

Generate prioritized alerts

Real-time threat detection

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