Safegraurd Your Data with IBM Security Gaurdium

Is your organization focused on data use, protection, governance, or reporting? Regardless of your specific needs, a Zero Trust approach to data security is essential for ensuring comprehensive protection throughout the lifecycle of your data, whether it's stored on-premises or on-cloud.

IBM Security Guardium is the solution you need to safeguard sensitive and regulated data, even in fragmented environments. Whether you choose on-premises or hybrid cloud deployment, Guardium provides unparalleled visibility, insights, and automation to help you detect and remediate cyber threats, enforce real-time controls, and maintain regulatory compliance.

IBM Security

During 2022


Breached Records

came from the government, retail and financial sectors

Through 2023


of Financial Institutution CIO's

are planning to increase cyber security spending by 10% or more in 2023

IBM Business Partner

IBM Partner in KSA

Inspire for Solutions Development an IBM Partner in KSA offers you to start your journey towards AI infusion throughout your business within a collaborative platform experience. IBM's Guardium is a data security and compliance solution designed to help clients locate, classify and take action to protect sensitive data residing on premises and in the cloud.

Enhance Visibility and Protection with IBM Security Guardium

The solution analyzes data activity across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments to identify and prevent potential security breaches. Its advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities detect unusual or suspicious activity, generating alerts to security teams for investigation.


Use Case Illustrations for Different Industries



Protects valuable financial data numbers & personal identifiers, while ensuring compliance with regulations like PCI DSS



Guardium can help protect sensitive patient data, records and information while complying with HIPAA regulations



Guardium can be used to secure customer data and financial information, plus helping prevent POS breaches


Discover Guardium Products

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection

Monitor data activity and accelerate compliance auditing and reporting for your data stored anywhere. Discover and classify data and data sources, monitor user activity, and respond to threats in real time.

IBM Security Guardium Insights

Get centralized visibility, monitoring, compliance management, advanced analytics, and data source flexibility. Advanced analytics uncover data risk insights.

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data in all states and across environments: your files, databases, and applications. Address data security and privacy regulations, and control encryption keys for cloud-based data.

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