Digitalization and Electronic Archiving

Digitalization and Electronic Archiving, as an Information Security discipline helps you to better manage personal information and records in the digital repositories effectively and securely.
It is about how information is managed, and how you can take advantage of it in an efficient way so that it can benefit you and your organization.
Digitalization and Electronic Archiving of documents is one of the main engines of transformation since the analysis of information allows you to utilize better decision making, which is crucial for any company regardless of its size, type and complexity.

Benefits of
This Course

Understood the structure of electronic records and levels of representation.

An understanding of the models for records creation, use, disposal and curation.

Understood the implications for authenticity, integrity, reliability and usability for records in electronic systems.

The knowledge of records keeping strategies for electronic records in a variety of environments including corporations.

Mastered the digitization and digital preservation/archiving techniques.

The ability to effectively organize and apply both new and acquired knowledge.

Digitalization and Electronic Archiving

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