ISO 22320 Emergency Management Training

By becoming certified with ISO 22320 Security and resilience Emergency Management in Amman, Cairo, Dubai, you will achieve an advanced level of Emergency Management, which enables you to help your organization establish a structure and a process of command and control.

Acquire the necessary knowledge to define the processes for the management of operational information. It gives you the skills to establish the requirements for collaboration and coordination among several involvedorganizations. You will be able to handle the incident response in a crisis and take effective and efficient response measures.

Benefits of Emergency Management Courses

Become internationally recognized.

Gain competitive advantage.

Enhance the right skills to manage
complex and stressful events.

Improve the ability to respond to threats.

Improve decision-making skills during crises.

Help the organization to identify its
individual performance requirements.

Provide guidance on command and control structure.

Provide careful and appropriate operational information.

Enhance cooperation and coordination processes.

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