SCADA Security Manager Courses

SCADA is an essential tool that provides networking systems, communication and security technologies, and standards which are necessary to facilitate the maintenance of industrial processes. The application of technology is important for individuals to innovate and develop processes that will assist industries in the near future.

Inspire for Solutions Development offers Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, SCADA Security Manager courses in Egypt, Jordan and UAE.

This standard is essential for every organization that is responsible and accountable for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as it provides requirements on how to manage and process data and safeguard privacy. It enriches an already implemented ISMS to address privacy concerns properly by assisting the organizations to understand the practical approaches involved in the implementation of an effective management of PII.

Benefits of SCADA Courses

Develop a vulnerability assessment framework in SCADA Security.

Improve Access Control and Authentication Management.

Maximize your productivity and improve product quality.

Reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

Achieve long-term profitable investments.

SCADA Security Manager Courses

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