Inspire for Solutions Development offers a Secure Application Developer course in Egypt, Jordan and UAE. Secure Application Development (SAD) is the process of writing secure code without errors and vulnerabilities that expose an application to cyber threats and attacks.

Vulnerabilities in software programs and systems have been increasing drastically in the past decade. Developing a secure application in today's frantic world of mobile devices, social networks, the cloud and complex business applications can be challenging. Customers expect applications to be made available and updated faster than ever. It is important to know how to develop software in an agile manner without compromising the security of the information of users and organizations.

Secure Application Developer Training
Secure Application Developer Training

Benefits of Lead Secure Application Developer Certification

PECB Lead Secure Application Developer Certificate will prove that you have:

  • An understanding of which security mechanisms should to be implemented according to best industry practices;
  • The knowledge on how threats can be minimized;
  • Identify the complex areas of the cyber microcosm where secure development can enhance the security of your company.

Inspire for Solutions Development

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