We are looking for a Cognos Analytics Developer/Administrator in Amman, Jordan.

Candidate should have a minimum 2 years working knowledge of the bellow:


  • Describe how to create simple Dashboards
  • Describe how to create complex interactive Dashboards
  • Describe how to modify Dashboards
  • Demonstrate how to control Dashboard data


  • Describe the various data container types
  • Describe how to apply filters
  • Describe how to use prompts
  • Describe using conditions to control formatting layout and rendering
  • Describe using calculations and macros
  • Demonstrate presenting data graphically
  • Explain designing for multiple outputs
  • Describe using reusable objects
  • Explain various interactivity usages
  • Demonstrate understanding of relational vs dimensional reporting styles
  • Demonstrate understanding the use of multiple queries in a report
  • Demonstrate understanding the use of multiple Data sources in a report
  • Describe forms of report distribution and collaboration


  • Explain connecting to the Data source
  • Describe the various types of Physical Data sources and their usage
  • Describe the various types of metadata sources and their usage
  • Describe using data shaping (end user data preparation)

Other knowledge:

  • Describe where the offering uses AI
  • Describe ways to augment with AI
  • Describe how to create a story for the presentation of information
  • Describe where Exploration is used to enhance analytics
  • Describe utilities that are available in the product for troubleshooting
  • Describe approach(s) methods to perform root cause analysis/diagnose issues

IBM Cognos Analytics Administration V11 Skills:

  • Describe the steps and options in content administration
  • Describe the steps of creating a datasource
  • Describe configuring the memory settings
  • Demonstrate balancing the server components
  • Describe using LifeCycle Manager (LCM)
  • Describe system backup and restoration
  • Describe using administrative portal options
  • Identify using Library management
  • Describe how to implement and manage audit logging
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting techniques
  • Describe how to implement and work with tracing
  • Identify how to use additional performance tools
  • Describe how to monitor system components
  • Identify techniques to organize report content in the portal
  • Describe the request flow of report execution
  • Describe how to manage and schedule reports
  • Describe how to manage report execution
  • Describe how to secure an environment
  • Describe how authentication is implemented
  • Identify how authorization is achieved and implemented
  • Describe how to secure content
  • Identify the architecture and components
  • Describe installation options and configurations
  • Demonstrate tasks to implement configuration and performance tuning
  • Describe tasks used to manage components
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting techniques in the server environment
  • Describe maintaining configuration settings

Please send your CV to:, with an email subject: "Congos Admin/Developer".