Enterprise Architect Vacancy in KSA

We are looking for an Enterprise Architect with 12-15 years’ experience, for a project in KSA. We are expecting from the candidate an excellent understanding of application and integration architecture domains aligned with enterprise architecture holistic view in order to build highly scalable application and integration solutions, considering modernization, cloud-native, API-led, and best practices pattern considerations, with ability to adapt with other enterprise architecture domains, including the business and data architecture domains. In addition, proper management for strategic portfolio and programs aligned with strategic initiatives.

Inspire for Solutions Development is an IT company that works with the reputable enterprises in the Middle East, to simplify the modernization and optimization of their important business systems, applications, and various business processes.

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the integration reference model, landscape, related standards and practices;
  • Developing & building development standards based on good practices;
  • Developing the as-is solution integration & APIs;
  • Developing the to-be solution integration & APIs, based on business requirements and new digital strategy;
  • Identifying gaps, enhance & suggest proper initiatives;
  • Supervising & qualifying vendor deliverables base enterprise standards & good practices;
  • Participating in knowledge transfer & building team management processes;
  • Utilizing EA tools in all development and required processes;
  • Monitor execution deliverables and manage expectations;
  • Continue innovation using new capabilities;
  • Managing and governing program demands and stream activities according to the strategic vision and goals;
  • Developing the required processes that support effective program streams management;
  • Developing a budget and funding proposal for program streams demands and evolution changes requirements;
  • Developing an evaluation method for monitoring and improvement program activities strengths in collaboration with stream leads and project managers;
  • Managing stakeholders and partners/vendors collaboration to make communication easy and transparent, regarding program issues and decisions on program streams;
  • Producing accurate measurement and timely reporting of program status activities to management committees;
  • Analysing program risks with proper mitigations plan and actions.

Required Skills:

  • Proven experience in architecting and designing APIs;
  • Strong experience in IBM landscape stack, covering the SOA stack, CP4I and CP4A;
  • Strong experience with API protocols and schemas such as REST, SOAP, XML, ODataж;
  • Experience with different integration patterns and architecture concepts (Pub/Sub, Messaging and streams, microservices);
  • Cloud native, containers, open-source frameworks, and security;
  • Proficiency with SQL and non-SQL databases, DevOps, and CI/CD tools;
  • Excellent Management and communication skills;
  • TOGAF & SOA certified;
  • Microservices certification is a plus.

Education & Experience: 12-15 years of experience, with a degree in CS, IT, CE, or any related field.

Please send your CV to: career@inspirejo.com, with an email subject: "Enterprise Architect".