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Inspire for Solutions Development is looking for an IT Project Manager in Cairo Egypt, with 5-7 years of experience in banking industry.

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Job Description:

  • Supervise different tasks in the quest of completing a project;
  • Responsible for the flow of information from the PMO to the team regarding the project;
  • Make provisions for the progress of the project;
  • Make the arrangement for projects documentation on the recommendation and specification of the PMO and ensure that specifications are met;
  • Ensure that the procedure, rules, regulations, and promulgated laws governing project management are well adhered to;
  • Meet with the team and ensure that each member is given an opportunity to make suggestions regarding the executions of the project;
  • Update information on the project management development, tools, regulations, market demand, and likely clients;
  • Make arrangement for the project completion based on specifications of the PMO;
  • Put a proficient team together to achieve the purpose of the work in a changing circumstance and fixed circumstance, and in a responsive circumstance using leadership and management expertise;
  • Suggest strategies of achieving the project goals to the PMO;
  • Project development experience;
  • Vast experience in project management;
  • Experience in applying project management tool;
  • Expertise in executing what the project requires and meeting the need of the client and project;
  • Risk management experience in project management;
  • Vast knowledge of important elements of project management, i.e. the project description, the project span, quality, needed resources, possible risk, relevant regulations and guidelines, most viable options, relevant tools, and methods available for execution;
  • Proficiency in analyzing and solving problems related to projects;
  • Proficiency in customer relation
  • Excellence in gathering help needed in developing a working project management plan.

Please send your CV to:, with an email subject: "Project Manager Egypt".